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Interview with Pisey Khim and Sally Jane Douglas

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

Operating since 2010, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is a drop-in center for women, which offers counselling support, informal-educational workshops on different topics like woman’s health, parenting, legal aid and the finance course “riel change”. The organization consists of 5 people of which 4 are Khmer.

By Sonja Alexandra Barwitzki

Women in Local Governance: Finding answers together

Women´s political role in Cambodia is hampered by gender based discrimination, but woman have much to say about local political issues. This video explores the political problems faced by women in Cambodia, indigenous or Khmer, their visions about change and strategies that can allow them to gain a better share in governance.

Domestic Violence is not seen as a crime

Although the law on against domestic violence was put into action in 2005, according to women at the grassroot level, it is still a common issue in many marriages.

By Written by: Aing Sokroeun

Radio Feature with a Cambodian artist

The cambodian artist Buth Chan Anochea in a Radio Feature about her paintings on the exhibition “Hey sister, where are you going?” where ten female artists present their masterpieces, which express women in society.

By Produced by HONG Channpheaktra and MAK Kuleka

Women's Voices Women's Choices

The radio program "Women's Voices, Women's Choices" will be broadcasted in Khmer Language every two weeks on Sunday from 11am to 12am on FM 93.5. It addresses various topics such as education, living standard, small business, women’s rights, environment, security and others from the viewpoint of women in Cambodia. Please click the play button on the audio taskbar for listening to the broadcast from November 7, 2010.

Young Cambodian Female Artist

Chan Dina is a young Cambodian female artist who will express her variouse artworks at one shoppingmall where the other 10 Cambodian female artists' artwoks will be shown to the public, too.

Young Cambodian Female Artist

"Hey Sister, Where are you going?!" is an art exhibition sponsered and organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation in Cambodia. Starting on the 22nd October, there will be displayed works from 11 Cambodian female artists in the Sovanna Mall in Phnom Penh.

By Chan Dina with her artwork studio

Women issues in systematic land registration

Mrs. Sun Phoeung aged 38 works as commune councilor in Chey commune in Kampong Thom province. She is in charge of women’s affairs and children. Becoming a member of the Women Political Activist Network has changed her life. “Without having knowledge of women’s rights I might have committed suicide” confesses Phoeung, looking back at a very difficult time in her life.

Women’s Involvement in Policy Implementation: Experiences from Gender Mainstreaming Policy on Community Fisheries Management in Cambodia

‘Srey bangvil chankran min chum’, according to this old Khmer expression women are seen as being too weak to involve in work beyond the household. However, as this case study conducted by the LEARNING INSTITUTE shows women contribute significantly to the total inland fish production in Cambodia. They not only involve in small-scale fishing but take on other income-generating activities such as gathering of aquatic plants and animals, fish culture, fish processing, fish marketing, fish trading, and making of fishing gear.

By Authors: CHAP Sopanha, TEP Chansothea, MENG Kimsan and SIV Sokngy

Launching of Action Research on Indigenous Women’s Political Participation

Parliamentarians, representatives of the Ministries of Interior and Women’s Affairs, researchers and staff of local and international organizations and indigenous women from four provinces were among the participants, when the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the German Technical Cooperation supported the Launch of the Action Research on “Promoting Political Participation of Indigenous Women in Cambodia” organized by the Committee to Promote Women in Politics.

By Article written by AING Sokroeun (HBF) and TOUCH Thavrith (GTZ ARDP)