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Indigenous Youths Empowerment

For more than three years, The Heinrich Böll Foundation has been supporting the development of the Cambodian Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA). Both organisations are sharing an office since CIYA was registered as an independent organisation in September 2008. CIYA is the first association of indigenous youth on the national level. CIYA works to achieve its vision of strong and prosperous indigenous people that are able to protect indigenous cultures and tradition, as well as their lands and natural resources.

Dialogue on Resource Governance with Dr. Ramos-Horta

“More wealth can result in more corruption” cautioned Dr. Ramos Horta Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President of Timor-Leste participants at a Dialogue on Transforming Natural Resource Wealth into a Source for Sustainable Growth and Democratic Development organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Cambodians for Resource Revenue Transparency.