Riel Change Project 2017 - Financial Management and Life Skills for Women

Financial Management and life skills for women- To promote women to develop their livelihood via training them on how to manage income, saving skill, life skills, how to make sufficient budget, health care, good custom for life, how to use money correctly. All lessons are useful for them and their family members to prevent from risks that might happened and build harmony condition in family, which are ways to reduce violent…

Kun Sokhom, 37 years old, live in sangkat Slokram, Siem Reap district, she is a widow of 4 kids under her in charge alone. After joint Riel Change project in 2016, she is improving her live condition, she planned the vegetable and selling her vegetable at local market, now she knew well how to manage her income and able to survive her family well. Recently she had prepared wedding her daughter successfully with satisfactory, her smile indicated in this picture…

Project implemented by Women Resource Center, fund by hbf Cambodia.
Interviewed in  March 2017,

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