Ocean Atlas: Understanding the threats to our marine ecosystems

Ocean Atlas: Understanding the threats to our marine ecosystemsCreator: Shutterstock. Creative Commons License LogoThis image is licensed under Creative Commons License.

The ocean covers more than two-thirds of our planet's surface. It is rich in resources and provides us with food, energy, and minerals. Oceans are important transportation routes and crucial for the stability of our climate and the weather. But due to overfishing, the loss of biodiversity, and ocean pollution, the future of this unique ecosystem faces a grave threat today.

This is where the atlas comes into play. It illustrates the important role played by the ocean and its ecosystems – not only for people living on the coasts but for all of us. It aims to give a current insight of the state and the threat of the seas, that are our livelihoods. Therefore we hope to stimulate a broader social and political discussion about the meaning of the ocean as an important system and the possibilities for protecting it.

You can download the entire Ocean Atlas here.

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