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Cooperation Agreement with Royal University of Phnom Penh

On 19th November  2018  Heinrich Boll Foundation and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Royal University of Phnom Penh signed an Agreement of cooperation in the field of Gender Research and Women's Empowerment. The project aims  at  open up discussions surrounding ‘gender equity’ and ‘women’s empowerment’ within Cambodia as well as to discuss  on  how these topics can be conceived within the Cambodian context.

Beyond the Screen: Online Harassment of Cambodia’s Digital Youth Advocate

I have been online harassed countless of times. It's not only because I'm outspoken, but also because I'm a woman. I believe that many women have similar experience online simply because they are women. I have received harassment messages as well as unsolicited genital pictures and pornography.

By Dana Buenaobra

Female Dance Theatre

On 22nd and  24th  July 2018  hbs  Cambodia invited the all-female dance company New Cambodian Artists for performances at the National Museum. The amazing dance pieces dealt with topics such as domestic violence, growing up, sadness and happiness, and the American bombing of Cambodian territory during the Indochina war.
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Signing the cooperation agreement with Women's Ressource Centre in Siem Reap

Happy to learn from Khim Pisey about the new ideas on the Positive Parenting Program including ideas such as questioning gender roles, shedding light on alcohol abuse, providing financial training, talking about the difference between needs and wants. Glad to have such a strong and progressive partner organisation at our side.

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Sex – it’s not just a man’s thing

  • Why do some people think that sex is “a man’s thing” without questioning the origin of this assumption?
  • Why do some people support the restriction on women’s sexual autonomy but not support similar restrictions on men’s sexual behaviour?

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About hbs Cambodia

Despite considerable progress in the past decade, Cambodian women’s participation in political institutions as well as non-formal bodies of political representation remains limited. In response, the Cambodia Gender Democracy program of the Heinrich Böll Foundation is formulated around two main objectives: Contribute to the gender discourse at the national level, in order to shape a genuine national gender democracy perspective. This involves linking gender with environment, as women are the primary actors in agriculture and play a key role in the management of natural resources. Enhance rural women’s participation in politics through the development of grassroots forms of representation, and increase their capacity to push their own agenda for emancipation and the development of their communities. International gender concepts and terminology are not always compatible within the local context, requiring pioneering work to foster a dialogue between various societal groups and stakeholders. The Cambodia Country office uses alternative media such as film and radio in addition to usual dialogue methods to expand the debate, provoke new perspectives, and integrate new, young activists.