Radio Feature with a Cambodian artist

Radio Feature

Radio Feature with a Cambodian artist

The exhibition of “Hey sister, where are you going?” program!
March 1, 2011
Produced by HONG Channpheaktra and MAK Kuleka

Ladies and Gentle man, you may saw other art exhibitions but “Hey sister, where are you going?” would surprise you. More than showing arts at Sovanna Shopping Centre, this exhibition comes up with masterpieces of 10 female artists, whose arts express women in society. We send our reporters ...  to interview one of them the reason to this involvement.

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The song Robam Chorng Sneh or in English Dance Ties Love gives value to Khmer women.
Through art performance, Khmer girls could bring Cambodian culture to the world in the clue that women do have important role in social world. This concept is similar to one of Buth Chan Anochea’s sketches in an exhibition called “Hey sister, where are you going?”

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Born in Kratie, Anochea moved with her sibling since 1994 to pursue her education in Phnom Penh. During high school, one of her drawing also won the royal award. She finished bachelor degree in Architecture from Royal University of Fine Arts in 2004. She then got a job as artist teacher in an NGO called Friend, where she is working now.

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Against busyness with her job, Anochea joined and win the competition, founded by US Embassy and Java Gallery. Then, she and other winners were asked to join in a project called “Hey sister, where are you going”, funded by Henrich Boll foundation. The project provides female artists the chance to express ideas that can inspire other women to involve in economics development.

Clip (Khmer)

VO1: At that time I joined in a competition about women artist. There are 45 applicants but only 10 win and received U-KIT award from US Ambassador based in Cambodia. We were then asked to draw picture that talk about women again.


Although her drawing look so abstract, Anochea advice to look from about 10 meter so that we can see real image of her drawing. Embedded picture of net, she means women were supposed to stay at home and do housework. However, she embed a picture of stair as she encourage women to climb it same as pursuing education.

Clip (Khmer)

VO2: Women cannot study since a slogan say they cannot go far away from stove. So, I draw other parts telling women not to focus much on it but education. By doing so, they will get everything such as happiness or money.

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Hey sister, where are you going is a very great chance for this artist to break the past barrier and stand as example for other female artists. Although it is the first but it has never been the last to Anochea because she plan to join some events like this in the future.


VO: If other institutions invited me, I will join although I am so busy with my job. I want to show my idea toward the society since I have been shy long enough it is time I should do it.

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For DMC Radio, I’m Hong Channpheaktra, reporting from Sovanna Shopping Centre

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The cambodian artist Buth Chan Anochea in a Radio Feature about her paintings on the exhibition “Hey sister, where are you going?” where ten female artists present their masterpieces, which express women in society. 

March 1, 11
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