Voices of Phnom Penh - #1

Voices of Phnom Penh is inspired by "Humans of New York" and wants to give a voice to a selection of Phnom Penh citizens whose voice may not be often heard in public sphere. In particular, these inspiring citizens of Cambodia’s capital are usually not the center of public attention. This hbs photo project aims at providing a platform of telling their stories, thoughts and dreams.


Phanna, 26, Clinical Supervisor at a Veterinary Clinic 

I moved to Phnom Penh in 2010 to study Veterinary Medicine at the Royal University of Agriculture. I’m from a farmer’s family in Kampong Speu. We have pigs, cows, dogs and chickens at our farm. I helped with feeding and taking care of our animals. I personally really love dogs as well. I wanted to study Veterinary Medicine because we don’t have any vets in our province who could treat animals. We don’t know what to do when they are sick. So I asked myself what I could do and I decided on studying this subject.

During my studies I volunteered at a farm with young chickens. Additionally, I did an internship and I had to write a thesis about pigs. I also spent one year in Israel as part of the exchange program at my faculty. I got into this current job at a Veterinary Clinic through a friend and I have been working here since 3.5 years as a Clinical Supervisor. What I love about my job are consultations with clients and treating animals to recover from diseases. Sometimes it’s very difficult. When an animal passes away, some clients blame us even though we tried our very best.

Animal welfare doesn’t really exist for some people. Education on animal welfare is lacking. People are not trying to help animals. I think this can be improved through more education on how to treat animals and with more vets. In 5 years I would like to go back to my province to open a vet clinic and promote animal welfare by educating people to love animals and treat them fairly.