Voices of Phnom Penh #2

Voices of Phnom Penh is inspired by "Humans of New York" and wants to give a voice to a selection of Phnom Penh citizens whose voice may not be often heard in public sphere. In particular, these inspiring citizens of Cambodia’s capital are usually not the center of public attention. This hbs photo project aims at providing a platform of telling their stories, thoughts and dreams.

Reading time: 2 minutes
Borey Stand

Borey, 31, Parking Assistant and Security Guard

I really like my job even though it’s not a special job and I don’t get that much salary. I usually work from 6am to 6pm. My job as a parking assistant and security guard is challenging. We have to stand outside all day long even if it’s rainy, windy or hot. We are responsible for the loss of helmets and motorbikes. We are responsible for the damage of vehicles. So we always have to take care and pay attention. Some customers really look down on us and act very rude. If we tell them kindly that they park at a wrong spot, some get angry. But we always have to be respectful even if they insult us. They don‘t see and treat us equally. Some of them are rich and they disrespect the laws. I think that disrespecting the law is a big problem in Cambodia in general.