Climate Change under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency 2022: Overview, Challenges and Ways Forward

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This paper addresses the extent to which the G20 pays serious attention to the issue of climate change under Indonesia’s presidency. It provides an overview of the priority agenda related to climate change and debatable issues during the negotiation process. This paper then highlights multifaceted challenges to build consensus on climate actions in the G20 and commendable deliverables as outcomes of the G20 in 2022. Recommendations are proposed at the end of the paper.

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23 November 2022
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Southeast Asia Regional Office
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Table of contents

5 - Introduction

6 - Reflecting on the G20 commitments since the adoption of the Paris Agreement

9 - Overview: climate change under the Indonesia's G20 presidency

12 - Challenges for bringing up climate change-related agenda in the G20

17 - The G20's achievements under Indonesia's Presidency

20 - Debatable issues on climate change in the G20

24 - Ways forward