Climate Justice

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Cambodia is one of the most disasterprone countries in Southeast Asia, affected by floods and droughts on a seasonal basis according to World Bank. Weak adaptive capacity, poor infrastructure, and limited institutions exacerbate the country’s vulnerability to climate variability and change. Cambodia is exposed to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, storms, lightning, riverbank collapse, fire, pest outbreak and epidemic.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cambodia aims to empower young people, civil society organization and local community to promote clean energy in the fight against climate change in Cambodia and region. To achieve this goal, Heinrich Böll Stiftung partners with local experts, NGOs and private companies working on clean energy sector, young professionals, and researchers on awareness raising and skills development actions on climate change related projects, to promote the use of clean energy options in Cambodia. The capacity development programs for young people include internships with providers of clean energy solutions. Furthermore, awareness raising and advocacy activities comprise research and analysis on climate change and energy options, production of education materials as well as discussion forums in digital platforms.

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