Democracy and Social Inclusion

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Democracy and political participation are amongst the main tenets of HBF. It means parity in parliament and equality before the law, human rights, and freedom of expression, including dismantling of all forms of discrimination, on the grounds of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin or class.

Despite a tightening of the space for civil participation in recent years, NGOs/CSOs in the country continue to play a fundamental role in shaping a culture of democratic governance and participation. CSOs in Cambodia remain a crucial element for public dialogue and awareness on issues and ideas of public interest, bringing space between the state and its citizens. They are at the forefront of awareness-raising, advocacy, and education campaigns about some of the country’s unsustainable developmental choices and their impact on the basic rights of Cambodians.

HBS Cambodia supports the empowerment approach by ensuring that diversity and intersectionality are always included. We engage with various stakeholders to ensure that civic and political rights are protected.

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