Feminism and Social Justice

Feminist and gender democracy are firmly anchored within hbs at the normative, programmatic, and organizational levels. The HBS stands in the feminist tradition of the green movement. For HBS feminism is and remains the radical transformation of hierarchical gender relations.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment in Cambodia need to be improved and requires closer engagement between all relevant stakeholders, including Government, NGOs, private sector and other development partners to ensure that gender equality concept is successfully mainstreamed in the Cambodia society. With regard to the promotion of gender equality, women are leading projects to end violence and the abuses perpetrated. Women’s rights and feminist organisations relentlessly provide essential advocacy, networking, and community outreach.

HBS also engages with artists to illustrate creatively in exploring and expressing the complex urban, social, environment and women’s identity and stories. Moreover, HBS Phnom Penh Office collaborates with media, journalists and academic institutions in documenting the situation of indigenous communities, translating vital philosophy on democracy, and producing materials related to women’s empowerment and their political participation.

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Combatting Global Plastic Pollution

A critical look at the entire plastics cycle is also of crucial importance from a feminist perspective, because the plastic problem cannot simply be reduced to consumer use patterns or to harmful microplastics in cosmetic products. On the contrary, every stage of the plastics cycle reflects different gender-specific experiences and exposures.
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