Food cycles illustrations


In our journey to understand better our food system we dive into the cycle of food from producers to consumers, aiming to understand what happens in each step along the way and who are the people involve in it. Did you know the food supply chain has six steps, starting in pre-production activities such as seed sourcing and ending in food waste and what we do with our kitchen leftovers?


Supporting local products is not only a way to foster a robust informal economy and raising livelihoods to families as a way to alleviate poverty, is also an appreciation of the delicious Khmer food culture and identity! Check out this map of flavours and food-related products from each province, which ones have you tried?

We all see in the news issues like climate change risks and food insecurity. But good news is, the current unsustainability of our food production can slowly be changed by our actions and choices when we buy ingredients. Every gesture is a vote in the world we want to create!