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Veins of Phnom Penh: Urban waste pickers as the best infrastructure for recycling waste

Image credits Waste is pervasive. Its omnipresence in urban Phnom Penh is undeniable. It’s there. On the streets, in the corners, in the backyards of ownerless properties – in the waste pickers’ pushcarts and the Cintri workers’ hands. Its visibility robs the city’s breath. But its pulse still goes through its vein. The vein which has been erected and hand-built by mainly women waste pickers who constantly collect recyclable waste pieces while looping around the city. These people collect what they find to be sellable and reusable. These people basically make keep the city clean.

Current Challenges of International Human Rights Politics

Image credits Violations and restrictions of human rights take place every day. Pursuing human rights can be a dangerous undertaking. Human rights defenders fight with undaunted commitment for human rights. Frequently they encounter problems such as persecution and jail, or even risk paying for their commitment with their lives.