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Ptas Bay Chun Cheat Doeum: First Indigenous Restaurant in Cambodia

Image credits Indigenous cuisine was nowhere to be found in a city where diners can easily find food from around the world. An inconspicuous restaurant in Tuol Tompoung, which is now the only indigenous restaurant in Phnom Penh – and even throughout the Kingdom, is a place where a repressed culture is revived.

UN Special Rapporteur Maina Kiai: Governments should listen to their people

Image credits Human dignity must be restored. People need to be empowered to stand for their rights. Human rights belong to everyone. These are some of the powerful messages heard at Meta House on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day 2016.

National Geographic Society Announces Winners of Competition to Combat Illegal Fishing

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation – Cambodia Country Office
The Heinrich Böll Foundation (also known as Heinrich Böll Stiftung) is part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. Our namesake, the writer and Nobel Prize laureate Heinrich Böll, personified the values we stand for: freedom, civic courage, tolerance, open debate and the appreciation of art and culture as independent spheres of thought and action.

The headquarter of the Heinrich Böll Foundation is located in Berlin, Germany. Our international program is implemented through 32 offices worldwide, seven of them in Asia. 

Working closely with civil society groups since 1993, the Heinrich Böll Foundation was the first German political foundation to establish cooperation with partners in Cambodia. Building on past achievements, our current program focuses on two key areas for sustainable development of Cambodia: Resource Governance and Gender Democracy.