On 31 October 2000, the UN Security Council adopted the Landmark Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. On its 20th anniversary, this dossier portrays women from 20 countries that make a difference in peace and security.​

An educational short film documentary on discrimination and dignity of transgender in Cambodia.


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water and oil


This research set out to examine two key issues:

  1. To what extent do observers of Buddhism and/or feminism view these frameworks as competing or complementary?
  2. Are there appropriate and effective ways that feminists can work together with Buddhist practitioners/ teachers to improve attitudes towards gender equality in Cambodia
Gender and Digitisation in Asia: Future Policy Pathways

Gender and Digitisation in Asia: Future Policy Pathways


E-paper To ensure that the fourth industrial revolution realises its transformative potential instead of exacerbating and creating new gender inequalities, it is important to understand the many intersections of digitisation and gender from a policy perspective. This paper examines the gendered dimensions of ICT in Asian countries, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia/ASEAN.

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The first book by the Cambodian author Mr. Kyle Kao. Get your copy at the local book shop or at hbs.


One of the most famous books now available in Khmer language The authentic story of a young girl that had to go into hiding because her family was persecuted by the Nazis Copies of the book available for free at hbs